Customize your very own fish hat


  • Click and drag on the words to move them
  • Right-click to copy a word
  • Drag a word off the hat to remove it
  • Press 'M' to mute music and/or sounds.
  • Zoom the browser if you want it bigger or smaller

Please screenshot and share your nice hats

  • Music, sounds, and style from The Incredible Machine 3
  • Hat image from google somewhere


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I played your game. It was very interesting. I would like to make a small donation as a token of appreciation. Is there a contact point on itch's profile page to make a donation?

Thanks for playing!  I don't accept donations, but you're welcome to buy or donate to some small Australian indie games on my behalf.

Thanks for the replies! I'll definitely do that. Do you have any games you'd recommend?


After customizing my very own hat i couldn't help but notice that fish around me began to show signs of fear. I think it's working. I'm not sure about the women though. My wife kicked me in the nuts after i showed her my new hat, so i think there are some bugs to work out.

Is my wife a fish?